Stories Jesus Told: Life-Changing Lessons in the Parables We Love

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Jesus told lots of stories. Do you ever wonder…

  • What the stories meant?
  • Why He told them?
  • How do they apply to our lives today?
Lori Anderson

Hi! I’m Lori!

I’m a pastor (MDiv), mom of three boys, and grammy to five little girls. I love rich conversations and diving deep into the Word.

I’m so excited to share with you my newest eBook. It’s all about the stories Jesus told and the life-changing lessons we can learn from them. 

I’d love for you to join me as we immerse ourselves in the inspiring, hope-filled lessons Jesus taught.  



parables stories Jesus told

What you get: 

  • What parables are and why Jesus told them.
  • 10+ stories that Jesus told.
  • Researched in-depth.
  • Relatable, understandable explainations. 
  • Transformational lessons that will enrich your life.


“I really loved this book! I can already think of several people I want to share it with! One of the things I loved was how Lori wove together the scriptural context and the historical background providing a layer of depth that is [not evident] when you just read the parables alone. But she doesn’t just leave it there. She brings each parable into the 21st century by sharing her own life stories giving them a human factor and providing relevance for today. The trio of Scripture, historical context, and personal application is very effective. After reading her book you won’t ever look at the parables the same way again. And if you take them to heart, you won’t ever be the same again.” – Beth


“When Lori writes something, I don’t like to simply skim. I get comfortable, grab my tablet and read slowly. I let her words sink in.

Here’s why…

Lori teaches with depth. In her writing, her seminary degree shows. She includes historical context and deep insight. But before Lori earned her MDiv, she was a classroom teacher. So she doesn’t only teach with the depth I crave, her teaching expertise unfolds clear lessons and easy-to-follow points. I connect with her life insights and personal applications.

If you haven’t read Lori’s teachings, I think you will love her work too.” -Cheryl


I just got done reading Stories Jesus Told and I highly recommend it for new believers and long-time believers alike. Lori clearly explains God’s love for us through her use of Scripture and personal stories. Reading Lori’s narrative of some of my favorite parables captured my interest from the very beginning. I love the stories about the mustard seed and the wheat and tares. The parable of the prodigal son particularly spoke to me reminding me of when I was far from God and he was calling me home again. ” – Melinda

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parables stories Jesus told