What to Do When God Says, “GO” (Free eCourse!)

What to Do When God Says, “GO” (Free eCourse!)

Green Light, Go

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When I was a kid, I used to play red light, green light. Do you remember that game?

The leader would stand at the front of a group of us kids. That leader would turn their back and yell green light. We could only move on a green light, when the leader wasn’t looking.

Then, when we least expected it, the leader would then turn around and yell, “RED LIGHT.” We all had to stop! If the leader saw someone move, even a tiny little bit, they had to go all the way back to the start. The goal was to be the first to get to the leader and tag them.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but there are three distinct strategies to this game.

  1. The Slow Tiptoer

          When the leader yelled green light, some kids would tiptoe slowly for fear of being caught when the leader
turned around. It was also a lot easier to stop and be perfectly still when they were moving slowly.

  1. The Quick Charger

          Others would bolt on the green light and run as fast as they could, risking getting caught, in hopes of being the
first to touch the leader’s shoulder.

  1. The One-stepper

          And then, there were the kids like me. I would take one step and then wait to see if the leader was going to turn
around. If it seemed safe, I’d take another step…and wait…then another…and wait. One step. One step at a


Red light. Green light. Which kid were you? The cautious one who moved slowly hoping never to get caught when the light turned red, the one who took big risks and ran all the way, or the one who took one step at a time?


When God Says, “Go”

Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

How about the times when God says, “Go”? The times when God is clearly inviting you to join him in something he’s doing; or when God is calling you to try something new or serve somewhere you haven’t served before. What do you do?

Do you hesitate? Do you stay where you are without moving at all? Or do you go? Do you excitedly charge ahead? Do you tiptoe slowly? Or do you take it one step at a time?




I want to give you the courage to move forward confidently when you hear God calling you to GO – when you feel God nudging you to step out in faith. Watch the whole lesson “What to Do When God Says, GO” in our FREE e-course video series, “How to Respond When You Hear God Speak: Steps to Take When You Don’t”.

In my lesson, we’ll talk about moving forward when God says “GO”, and what we miss when we don’t. We’ll take a look at some biblical examples of different responses to God’s call to GO: Some who hesitated, some who wanted to charge ahead, and some who confidently moved forward – even if it was slowly at first. 

Hear my lesson plus, two other teachings on: How to Find Direction when God is Silent and How to Find Hope When God Says, ‘NO’ “. I can’t wait to see you there. Click the button below for instant access to the e-course!


Yes, I want the FREE eCourse!


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