How to Find Direction When God is Silent (Free eCourse!)

How to Find Direction When God is Silent (Free eCourse!)

 (Inside: How to make decisions and hear God’s voice when He seems silent. Steps to help you make confident decisions and find your next best step.) 



All you hear is silence. 

Except for maybe your heart pounding as you stand at a cross section of two paths. You’ve asked God for direction, pleaded with God…but still, nothing… 

We’ve all been there before…in deciding what direction to go in: 

  • Relationships  
  • Parenting  
  • Careers  
  • Life 

When God feels silent, it can be hard. 

Excruciating, even.  

Being confident of direction has been a struggle of mine since my college years. When trying to make decisions, I can feel panicked. My stomach gets upset, my mouth becomes dry and my brain fills with a rolling fog. There are moments in decision making, I truly feel like I can’t think. I experience total decision paralysis.  

But, there’s hope.  

This is something I’ve been actively working on for two decades and I’ve made huge progress. I can still get tripped up on a decision, but I’ve changed my way of thinking in some areas and have found tangible tools to help me hear God’s voice. Extravagant Hope created a course called: What to do When You Hear God’s Voice; Steps to Take When You Don’t. I teach the second part of the course: Finding Direction When God is Silent.  

I deliver encouraging content that will help you find direction when you just can’t seem to find the next right step.  Here is what I cover in my course: 

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Change Your Thinking On God’s Perfect Plan For Your Life:

“God has a perfect plan for your life.”  

Unintentionally, this idea has caused me great stress. Not because I don’t believe God has a plan for all of us, oh, I believe God has a plan for all of us – but instead because of the word “perfect.” The idea of finding the “perfect plan” for my life makes my type-A-perfectionist personality think…ahem… I mean, know that I’m going to either: (a) mess up God’s perfect plan, therefore mess up my future or (b) never going to be able to find the one and only “perfect” plan. My thoughts always seem to find their way to: I. Can’t. Figure. It. Out. And. Am. Such. A. Failure! (No drama here.) 

Understanding God’s perfect plan versus free will was, and is, maddening. How exactly do free-will in humanity and an all-knowing, in-control God synch? We talk about this more in the FREE e-course video series.  


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Decision-Making Flower Diagram Activity (How to Make Decisions) 

Next, I walk you through an activity that will help you examine your decision from various important angles and move forward with confidence. This Decision-Making Flower Diagram activity is based on the work of Richard Bolles, a leading authority in career counseling. (I learned about his work in a course I took for my Global Career Development Facilitator certificate.) I adapted Bolles’ flower diagram activity for everyday life decision making. (This flower-diagram is adapted from his book: What Color is your Parachute? A Practical Manuel for Job Hunters and Career Changers.) We’ll make a visual based on important aspects of our lives to better see our next right step. We’ll consider our life mission statement, gifts/talents/passions, life values, faith values, and more that, put together, will give us clarity. I expand more on these ideas in the FREE e-course video series.  





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Get Rid of Your Mental Blocks

Two mental blocks are famous for holding us back. They can rob us of our confidence when it comes to making decisions:  (1) Fear  (2) Wanting to be 100% sure before we move forward.  I have a lot to say on these topics, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you in the  FREE e-course video series.  


How to hear God’s voice and make your decision: 

I’m passionate about finding how you open your heart to hear God’s leading. Every woman needs some way in which she connects with her Creator. I have lots of ideas of how to find your place in communion with God and one more activity idea that will help you finalize your decision. Learn more in the FREE e-course video series.  


A Truth to Help You Not Doubt Your Decision: 

 Don’t we wish that once we made our decision that we’d felt peace always-and-forever-the-end? Don’t we wish we’d never doubt a decision we carefully pondered and made? Y’all. It’s common to doubt. It’s okay to doubt, it means you are intentional with your life and that is a good thing. However, the doubt drives me crazy – but I’ve found one simple strategy that helps…learn more about it in the FREE e-course video series.   



God doesn’t want us to feel panic, stomach pains, and brain fog when it comes to making decisions. He wants us to trust Him and move forward in confidence. I believe that we can all get there. How do I know? Because if God can move me past my decision paralysis – and I was like moving a mac truck with flat tires using only a skateboard – then God can move you too. I promise. Through subtle but consistent shifts in our thinking and actions, you’ll get where you want to be.  


I know you have this in you. Why? Because you made the decision to read to the end of this post. You’re one step closer to getting to a healthy place in decision making and/or healing from decision paralysis.  


Now, let me give you access to the free e-course (video series) and let’s hit this baby home.     

Yes, I want the FREE eCourse!


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  • Hi you guys, Thank you, signed up for the course. When I have decisions to make I have a hard time. One of the things is I have made so many decisions in my life that were not good. Thank you again. love you

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