Encouragement and Messages of Hope from the Bible

Encouragement and Messages of Hope from the Bible

(Inside: Messages of hope from the Bible. Find hope in Jesus, hope in the Lord. Extravagant Hope is a website that dives deep into the hope found in the Bible.)

Everyone needs hope. There is hope to be found…

Hope in Jesus. Hope in the Lord. There are so many messages of hope in the Bible. 

Life can be hard. Ordinary, simple life – it still can be hard. Whatever situation you are in – know, there is hope. Let us help you find it.

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Grow Your Faith

Keep pursuing God and He will teach you, speak to you, and show you how He’s always near.

When You Don’t Think You Have Enough Faith
No More Excuses: Simple Ways to be in God’s Word
The Busy Woman’s Guide to Memorizing Life-Giving Scripture
Friendship with God – Is that Even Possible?
Do You Live In Scarcity When Really you are Spiritually Rich?
Finding True North When You Don’t Know Your Way

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Hope Through Prayer

Find hope through the power of prayer.

Why We Should Pray: 4 Reasons That Will Give You Hope
Pray Like Jesus
Crying Out to God: Learning to Lament
Shifting Our Focus: Learning to Pray Like Paul
How Prayer Works: Transform Your Day Through the Power of Prayer

Hope in Healing, Comfort and Finding Peace

God is real and He heals.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors/professional counselors, but we think God works through them. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. Taking care of yourself is brave and strong.

How to Hear God’s Voice in the Valley
Rediscover Your Everyday Miracle
#ME TOO: My Experience with Sexual Assault
Hope in an Uncertain World
Four Things to do When You Feel Like You’ve Had Enough
Walk Away from Worry with the Magic 5:1 Ratio
How to Turn Your Negative Self-Talk into Joy
My Attempt to Break Up With Social Media
Feel Anxious? Help & Hope in Anxious Times
Psalm for a Pandemic: Prayer for Peace and Comfort


Living Your Faith

One way that we grow our faith is by tiny-step, by tiny-step, trying to live what we believe. Choosing everyday hope and joy and love. We hope these articles encourage us all to do just that. 

I Praise God for All of It
Find Out the Ways You Best Connect With God

When God Says Yes, No or You Don’t Know. What to do…

Discerning God’s voice in your life can be a tricky thing. Are you wondering how God is leading you? Or did you hear, “Go” and yet you’re hesitating? Or was your answer, “No” and you’re struggling with that word. Click below and read more. There’s also a link to a free video-series (eCourse) that could help find your way. 

How to Find Direction When God is Silent
What to Do When God Says, “Go!”
How to Find Hope When God Says, “No.”

Life Lessons from the Parables We Love

Grounded in Scripture and historical context, this unique look at the parables of Jesus uses modern, real-life stories and practical applications to connect us to the message Jesus wove through the stories he told. Experience these life-changing stories yourself in “Stories Jesus Told: life-changing lessons in the parables we love.”

Check out these other FREE sample chapters of the eBook:

What is a Parable and Why are They Important?
Lost and Found: The God Who Searches for Us
The Good Neighbor: Loving Like Jesus
Forgive as You Are Forgiven: A Story of Mercy

On Mission in Rwanda

Mendie had the privilege of visiting, working with, teaching at, and learning from a church in Rwanda. She absolutely fell in love with the country and people. Read her stories of what she discovered in this beautiful place.

Eager for God
Spiritual Hunger

hope found in the bible

Hope in Sharing God’s Love Through Giving

It’s exciting that God uses us to be His hands and feet here on earth. It enriches our lives to use our gifts and talents to glorify him. 

Who is the Widow? Caring for Vulnerable Women 
A Foster to Adopt Story (And How They Need You)
Gimme Shelter: Reading Out to the Homeless
Heartbroken for the Hungry
Love Your Monday People

Hope in Easter Truths and Stories

Draw hope from the powerful Easter message. We have two Easter series packed with the hope found in scripture. 

The Hope Found in the Story of an Unfaithful Disciple
The Powerful Lesson I Learned from Sleeping Disciples
Jesus Forgives Even That
Mary Magdalen: A Faithful Follower’s Great Reward
It’s the Dawn of a New Day


Read the powerful, in-depth series, “A Journey to the Cross: 40 Days in the Footsteps of Jesus.”

Introduction to “A Journey to the Cross: 40 Days in the Footsteps of Jesus”
Not Your Average King: Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Extravagant Worship: Jesus is Anointed
One Last Meal: Finding Jesus in the Passover
Letting Go of Control: Jesus Prays in the Garden
The Road to the Cross: Jesus’ Last Days

Living With Purpose

Walk with God and better learn how to live your purpose here on earth. Exciting stuff.

Live Your Purpose
New Year, New Start: Help for Setting Goals in the Coming Year
How You Unknowingly Made a Huge Impact Today
Why We Need More than One Mom
The Shoulders We Stand On: Your Legacy of Faith
Find Your Word for the Year

Hope in Christmas

Find hope in the Christmas season.

How I Learned to Love a Christmas Tradition
The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received
How Your Christmas Shopping can do Big Things
What Do You See When You Look in the Manger?
A Christmas Cookie Tradition
Fun Ways to See the True Meaning of Christmas in the Hustle

Hope in Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day

For Valentine’s Day: A Love Letter From God
Gifts for Mom, Friend and Yourself

Life Lessons from the Word

Find hope through learning life lessons from the Word.

Do as I say, Not as I do?
Will Fear Keep You from Getting out of the Boat
Why It’s Important to Forgive Offenses
I was Ready For a Fight (A Mindset to Overcome Adversity)
65+ Scripture Verses That Will Give You Hope

Stories of Redemption

Restoring a Hidden Treasure: My Opal Ring {Guest Blogger}

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