Find Hope in these Powerful Easter Stories

Find Hope in these Powerful Easter Stories

He felt the sand of a dusty road, the growl of a hungry stomach, and the soft fibers a warm blanket. He heard the phrase, “I love you son,” as his mom embraced his shoulders. He tasted the soft bread as he conversed with good friends. Tears wet his cheeks when his friends lost their brother. And he felt the sting of rejection from people who hated him.

Jesus. Fully human.

All the feelings, all the emotions – Jesus experienced them.

This is the part of the Christian story that is mind-boggling to me. God could have just told us His message, but instead, he showed us. God sent his son to walk in our world with us. Jesus showed us how to love big, live fully, find real joy and commune intimately with God. And then he did so much more…  These Easter stories hold powerful messages of hope. Read more of Extravagant Hope’s popular Easter series below.

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hope found in the easter stories

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Hope Found in the Easter Story of Peter

“Peter. The rock. The disciple Jesus planned to use to build his church (Matthew 16:18). The disciple who recognized Jesus was the Messiah (Matthew 16:15-17). Peter, who followed Jesus through thick and thin; who cut off a man’s ear to defend Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (John 18:10). Peter, who walked on water (Matthew 14:28-29). Even this disciple stumbled…fell hard…gave up hope…lost faith. On the night that Jesus was betrayed, this Peter thought surely he would stand strong and remain faithful even if none of the other disciples did. Wrong. What made this disciple think that he could do it if no one else could?

And if even Peter could fall when things got rough, what hope do the rest of us have?

Yes, there’s a warning for us in Peter’s story, but there’s also tremendous hope: a hope that can also be ours.”  Read on….

The Hope Found in the Story of an Unfaithful Disciple

Hope Found in The Easter Story of the Sleeping Disciples at the Garden of Gethsemane

“But then tucked in the Easter story there’s this gift – just for us, something we need to hear – a tale about Peter, James, and John. Those perfect disciples, right? The ones that spread the good news of hope and love and Jesus. 2,000+ years later we’re still talking about them. What a legacy, right? Couldn’t we be like them? Dear friend, we are…”  Read on…

The Powerful Lesson I Learned from Imperfect Sleeping Disciples

Hope Found in the Easter Story of Jesus on the Cross

“What is the one thing in your life that you regret more than anything?  The one thing that you don’t share with other people. The thing that if you could, you would go back and re-do or take back? Everyone has something like that. It’s the thing that you have probably begged God for forgiveness over, but you haven’t quite been able to forgive yourself. There may even be times when you question if God has really forgiven you and are tempted to go to him with it once again just to make sure he knows you are sorry.”  Read on…

Jesus Forgives Even THAT

Hope Found in the Easter Story of Mary Magdalene

“But a loyal few followed unwaveringly.  Mary Magdalene was one of those few. She stayed and looked on as Jesus was crucified.  She was still there when they took Jesus’ body down from the cross and laid him in a tomb. She sat with ‘the other Mary”'(who might have been the mother of James and Joseph who was at the cross with her) and she watched as they rolled a large stone against the entrance of the tomb.” Read on to find out Mary Magdalene’s great reward…

Mary Magdalene: A Faithful Follower’s Great Reward

Hope Found in the Day After the Easter Story

“It’s the dawn of a new day! Jesus has risen! Hallelujah! His sacrifice freed us from the bondage of sin. Thank you, God! His resurrection broke death’s hold on us. Amen and Amen! Because he has risen, we also will be raised. Now, this is really something to get excited about! Easter brought a new day; a new reality; a new hope. Are you jumping up and down yet? Easter is over, but…  It.  Isn’t.  Over. It’s just the beginning; the beginning of everything new. Here’s some of the newness we have to be excited about…” Read on…

It’s the Dawn of a New Day!

Hope Found in Knowing How the Easter Story Enriches Our Lives Today

“Can you imagine having billions of dollars yet choosing to live in poverty? We read this story, and can’t even believe it… But, then I sometimes wonder…do I do the same thing? Not with money, though…with my faith? I know I am a daughter of God – a King, with abundant resources He readily shares – but do I seek them out and receive them like a person who realizes she’s spiritually wealthy? Do you? Though God lavishes us with unlimited resources, I want to focus on three that help us live in the riches of His gifts.” Read on…

Spiritual Wealth: Do You Live in Scarcity When You are Rich?


Jesus lived. Then he died. Three times mommas tucked their babies into beds, then the dawn broke and on that day Jesus rose. And that changed everything for us here on earth. Believe in Jesus. Follow him. And let Him transform your life in unexpected and epic ways.

Happy Easter!


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