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3 Fantastic Resources to Help You Plan for Christmas

3 Fantastic Resources to Help You Plan for Christmas

Christmas.  In July.


We’re in the middle of Popsicle and pool days. We’re busy relaxing on the deck with a good book, and enjoying bonfires at the beach with toes in the sand. Who’s thinking about Christmas?

We are at Extravagant Hope!

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If you’ve ever planned a Christmas event for a group, for church, or for anything else, you know that you have to plan ahead…

Come up with a great idea.

Decide on a theme.

Find resources.

Book your speakers. NOW!

You know how hard it is if you wait until October (when you should already be taking reservations) or November (when some people are already having their events).  But it’s hard to find Christmas inspiration when you’d rather soak up the summer sun.

Well, guess what? We’re here to help!  We have three awesome resources you can grab right now to get a jump on the Christmas season.


Five Women

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The first resource is Five Women. Five Women is a dramatic look at the lives of the five women in the genealogy of Jesus (from the book of Matthew). Each woman’s story plays a significant part in the line of the Messiah. Through their stories, a beautiful picture of the person and purpose of Jesus emerges. You will be transported to another time and experience firsthand the wonder of our Savior unfolding.

This package includes narration and scripts for all five women, applications/devotions, costume and prop ideas, stage blocking, related Scripture passages,  and small group discussion questions.

The scripts and narration make an amazing one hour program or five individual dramas that are perfect for sermon introductions or as devotionals at events. This is a great package for Christmas or Advent, but can be used any time of the year (alternate program endings are included).

Five Women can also be used as a five week bible study. We included small group discussion questions in the appendix. 


Joseph’s Story & Mary’s Story

The second and third resources are individual scripts. You can use them alone or together.


Joseph was a simple carpenter – until God broke into his normalness and called him to do something extraordinary: to be the father of Emmanuel, God with us.


Mary was a young Jewish girl growing up in Galilee – until God interrupted her ordinary life with incredible news: the Messiah was coming, and she would be his mother.



Joseph and Mary’s stories are perfect for Advent, as opening monologues for sermons or at Christmas events. They also work as a dramatic readings or devotionals around your family table. Written into these scripts are key historical and cultural details that bring the stories to life and help us hear them the way original readers would have understood them.

Included in each package (Mary or Joseph) is the script, follow-up devotions/reflections, costume and prop ideas, and Scripture references. 

Or, save when you get both Mary’s Story and Joseph’s Story together >>HERE<<.


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We’re sure these resources will be perfect for your Christmas season. Grab them now and you’ll be well on your way to planning your perfect event or Christmas service.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and MERRY CHRISTMAS from Extravagant Hope!

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